New Poll: 70% of SF Residents Support Vaping Regulation Ballot Initiative

Support for the Coalition’s ballot initiative regulations all polling over 65% after Board of Supervisors passes a citywide ban on vaping products sold online and in-stores

San Francisco, CA-  A new poll of 1,200 San Francisco residents shows strong support for the Coalition’s ballot initiative, with more than 71% of voters saying they would vote yes for the measure on the ballot. 

The new polling, commissioned by the Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulation, asked San Francisco voters how they would vote on the ballot initiative if the election were held today, with 71% saying they would vote yes for the ballot measure.

“San Francisco voters support smart, strong regulation to prevent youth vaping,” said Nate Allbee, Coalition communications director. “To have more than 70 percent of voters supporting this ballot initiative sends a message to City officials: their constituents want to address the youth vaping crisis with proven policies that strengthen age enforcement and hold retailers accountable.”

Polling was conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies over a span of 6 days in early July. Beyond the yes/no vote on the ballot initiative as a whole, voters were asked about their support for individual regulatory components of the initiative. The survey shows a majority of voters support each element of the bill:

·       83% support the prohibition of marketing products to minors 

·       76% of voters support “retailers would be required to use electronic scanning technology to automatically verify the age of the person trying to buy the e-cigarettes”

·       74% support the requirement of online retailers to use third party age verification to ensure a customer is at least 21

·       70% support the requirement of online retailers to obtain a permit and be regulated by the City

·       65% support the prevention of bulk purchases for resale

These latest polling numbers remained well above a majority of San Francisco voters, compared with an earlier poll conducted before the Board of Supervisors passed the vaping ban.

“To see a significant majority of voters supporting this ballot initiative both before and after the Board of Supervisors’ vote is remarkable,” said Stefan Hankin, founder and president of Lincoln Park Strategies, who conducted the poll. “Voters are not happy about government overreach by the Board of Supervisors—when left to them to decide based on the facts, it is clear that San Franciscans support these regulations.”

Additional polling will be conducted over the next several months before the initiative appears on the November ballot.

“These regulations will set a national standard on vaping regulation,” added Allbee. “The polling makes it clear that voters want common sense policies that will actually work. Prohibition has failed time and again in California and the U.S. whether we’re talking about alcohol or marijuana.  It’s time to retire the defunct, failed policies of the past and focus on what will work to keep youth from vaping.”

The polling can be found on the coalition website:

The Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulation is an alliance of San Francisco residents, businesses, and community leaders who believe in common sense regulation preventing youth access and preserving adult choice. The coalition was created in response to a proposed ban by the City of San Francisco on the sale of vapor products. This ban would be harmful not only to adult choice, but also to the city’s economy. The coalition provides a platform for concerned residents, business owners and community organizations so that we can take strong actions to further fight underage use while still preserving access to products that can help adult smokers switch from cigarettes.

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