More than 20,000 San Franciscans petitioned for a plan to stop youth vaping while saving freedom of choice for adults who want to use e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking.
We believe any proposal to leave cigarettes — a product that kills 8 million people a year — on the shelves, while banning e-cigarettes — a product that according to Public Health England is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes — is ridiculous. Instead, our plan adds new restrictions on e-cigarette sales and marketing to youth, while preserving the City’s existing ban on flavored e-cigarettes.
Our Plan Will:
Require electronic ID verification for all e-cigarette sales in San Francisco, online and in stores
Ban companies from marketing e-cigarettes to youth under 21
Stop bulk sales of e-cigarettes to keep them off the black market
Protect San Francisco's ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes
Help Us Regulate, Not Ban
Add your voice to the thousands that want to stop youth usage of vaping products, and to help those using them as an alternative to cigarettes.
What Do Public Health Experts Say?
“If the Board of Supervisors were interested in public health, they would prohibit the sale of cigarettes in San Francisco...There really is an irony that now you can buy your marijuana and your cigarettes, but you won’t be able to get vaping products, which are certainly far less dangerous than cigarette smoking. It’s ludicrous.”
Kenneth Warner
Professor Emeritus
University of Michigan School of Public Health
“Prohibition makes absolutely no sense, particularly because data show that vaping is an excellent way for smokers to quit. By banning the sale of e-cigs, then, San Francisco is indirectly facilitating the deaths of addicted smokers.”
Dr. Alex Berezow
Vice President of Scientific Affairs
American Council on Science and Health
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